September 4, 2008

sleep, sleep, sleep

Turns out, Ella wasn't getting enough food! Once my milk came in she has slept worlds better. (The NICU nest, the 2 ounces of formula, worries and prayers probably didn't hurt!) We're all much happier that our little squealer is gone and sweet Ella is back.


Danielle said...

Oh good...I was just about to email you and see how things were going. I was so worried about your milk coming in...yeah its a mom thing I think...worrying. Just wait.

Glad you are resting. Ella is just the cutest little button! Thanks for letting me sneak a peek.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad Ella is sleeping better for you. You looked so exhausted on Tuesday!

Britt Chudleigh said...

Yippee.....she is here! Did you know Dustin's baby is named Ella too? Funny. She is beautiful and I am sure you are totally in love. Jamie is so talented. Those pictures are so great. I am sure the subject matter helped though. :) Congratulation Al.