June 13, 2008

Two Hearts

Just in case anyone shares my slightly neurotic nature, you can rest assured that the baby's heart is a-okay. I had my unnecessary (but kinda cool) fetal echo today and not only are there 4 chambers, but the girl's also got normal valves, vessels and flow . My heart, on the other hand, apparently needs a little more juice. My screening labs came back today and showed anemia (low blood count). Maybe that's why I can't climb a flight of stairs without becoming winded. Hopefully a little extra iron will get me up and running before the baby gets here.

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Danielle said...

Oh that is so funny that you got an echo...glad things are good though. I was anemic too and the ONLY (and I tried them all) kind of iron I could take without puking was the liquid kind you get at the health-food stores. good luck!